Are You Dependent on Credit Cards?

How do you know if you have developed an unhealthy dependency on your credit cards?

Do you find yourself…

  • Saying things will get better next month.
  • Catching up on your bills with your bonus from work.
  • Using your tax return to pay off bills.
  • Day dreaming that your credit cards will be paid off someday.

In our electronic age, credit cards can be a great convenience. They allow you to shop and even purchase big ticket items without carrying around a money-belt full of cash. Credit cards allow you to buy online and receive your purchase at your doorstep within days.

Credit cards, however, are not a good way to finance your lifestyle.

  • Do you find yourself using your credit cards every month to buy basic necessities like groceries and gas or to pay your utilities?
  • Do you see your minimum payments increase because you cannot stop using your credit cards?
  • Are you continually searching for cards with 0% interest so that you can do a balance transfer with a lower monthly payment, only to do another balance transfer six months later?
  • Are you caught in one of these vicious cycles?
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Credit Card Debt Leads to Bad Credit

If you are reading this saying “Yes, this is me!,” then it’s time to get help. Credit card debt can quickly become overwhelming, piling up out-of-control, leading to a bad credit score and damaging your financial future.

Harold Shepley and Associates can Help

Harold Shepley & Associates, LLC can provide you with the financial freedom you are looking for. With our Debt Negotiation Program, we can settle your credit card debt while providing you with an affordable monthly payment. Imagine being able to buy groceries and gas without having to use your credit cards!

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