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Harold Shepley & Associates, LLC proudly represents individuals from Greensburg, Pennsylvania and the surrounding communities. We meet with our clients at our Greensburg, Pennsylvania office by appointment near the courthouse. The Westmoreland County Courthouse traditionally served as the location place for bankruptcy meetings with the Chapter 7 Trustee. After the COVID-19 pandemic altered the practice of conducting in-person meetings both in Greensburg and around the world, these initial conferences have been conducted by telephone conference calls.


Many families in the Greensburg, Pennsylvania region have been affected by recent changes in industry and losses of income based on the recent pandemic and shifts in consumer habits that have forced businesses to close or significantly reduce staffing. A recent recommendation by leaders in New Stanton to approve the construction of a large distribution facility is likely to bring more employment opportunities to the area at some point in the future.

In the meantime, if you or your family are struggling with debt, there are solutions. Not every solution results in a bankruptcy case filing and our team in Greensburg can guide you through your options to find the solution that works for you. Call us today.

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What Our Clients Say

"My husband became disabled and could no longer work, which made paying off debt we accumulated very difficult due to the loss in income. We tried a debt management program, which reduced our monthly payments a little bit, but we ended up getting credit cards to get through until it was paid off.

We then re-enrolled into the debt management again to pay off those credit cards, and it was a vicious cycle where we ended up accumulating more credit cards again (to cover things like vehicle repairs, major appliances, etc.). We enrolled in the debt settlement program with Harold Shepley and we're now debt free! All of the staff were very professional and the program was much more affordable."

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Debt Relief FAQ's

The goal of debt consolidation is to make your debt payments manageable and save you money. It can be a sound approach to achieving financial health but should be approached carefully and with expert guidance.

Using a 0% interest balance transfer credit card may seem tempting, but what will happen to your debt and monthly payments if you can’t pay off your debt during the promotional period? Your new balance could sky rocket with an interest rate of 29% or more creating an unaffordable monthly payment.


We Are A…

Full Service
We understand that people face a very wide variety of difficult financial situations. We don’t just send you through some premade program; we really listen to what you have to say and work with you to develop the debt relief solution that works for you.

Debt Relief
We know firsthand how heavily debt can affect every aspect of your life. Harold Shepley & Associates is by your side every step of the way to guide you through these troubling times and on to a brighter financial future.

Law Firm
As a licensed law firm, we have the knowledge and experience to effectively handle the most difficult debt situations. You need someone working with you, for you. You need someone who truly cares, someone who has been in your shoes. You need Harold Shepley & Associates.

This is not a loan. We use your money to pay your creditors.

This is not Consumer Credit Counseling. Consumer Credit Counseling only reduces the interest rate which typically doesn’t even reduce your monthly payment. Over 85% of the people who join Consumer Credit Counseling will fail.

Litigation occurs when a creditor attempts to bring legal action against you.  This is in the form of a lawsuit and is delivered in person by a police officer or constable.  Harold Shepley & Associates can defend this legal action; therefore, removing any headaches, frustration, or fear that you or your family may face.
  • Don’t ignore them – Often times the calls are so overwhelming that people are tempted to just let them ring. All experts say this only makes it worse. The quicker you begin to deal with them, the quicker you can be done dealing with them.
  • Get a lawyer – An experienced attorney like the ones at Harold Shepley & Associates will be well versed with federal guidelines preventing debt collectors from acting in certain unethical ways to obtain their money, like fear tactics or impersonating law enforcement. The collectors have attorneys working for them, you should get one working for you.
  • Keep your records – Debt collectors can lose or sometimes never receive proof that you have paid your debts. Always safeguard your important documents such as paid in full notices and receipts of final payment, as well as initial contracts. It’s much harder for collectors to get money you don’t owe them if you’ve got proof that you’re paid up.

Collectors will sometimes even resort to illegal means to attempt to get money from you. Don’t let yourself be intimidated; don’t let yourself be bullied – know your rights and don’t be afraid to use them.

Without question – yes.


If you still have a steady income but just aren’t making enough money to cover even the minimum payments on your credit obligations, then debt negotiation may be the best of your alternatives to bankruptcy.


Debt negotiation as a process, however, is complex and full of intricacies. Without a proper attorney to help them, most average folks wouldn’t even know where to begin.


That’s where we come in. The experienced attorneys at Harold Shepley & Associates are well-versed in debt negotiation, foreclosure defense, bankruptcy law, and more.

In addition to giving you the confidence of an experienced professional beside you, the debt negotiation attorneys at Harold Shepley & Associates can:


  • Reduce your overall debt – We work with creditors to reduce the actual amount of money you owe and lengthen payment periods. We are frequently successful at minimizing your debt to as little as 60 cents per dollar owed.
  • Guard you against litigation – Some forms of settlement can still leave you open to be sued by your creditors. When you work with the experienced attorneys at Harold Shepley & Associates, we ensure that terms are included in your agreements that prevent this from happening.
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