Christians in Debt

Christians in Debt

As an Attorney and a follower of Christ, I have suffered through the pain and

humiliation of bankruptcy. Wherever you are in your struggle with debt, I have

been there. This page is to act as an encouragement to ease your troubled soul.


Often in today’s society we are led to believe that everyone who files bankruptcy is

a dead beat, trying to abuse the system.

You know better and so do I.

You’ve struggled to repay your debt for months, years, or decades. You know that you owe the debt and you want to repay it, but circumstances now make that impossible… Feeling guilt-ridden and spilling over with frustration about your situation, not knowing who or where to turn to – not knowing if you will ever find your way out.

I want to let you know there is a way out. There is hope.

The frustration you feel often comes from debt taking your energy and attention away from serving the Lord. Instead of offering your first fruits to the Lord, you must turn them over to creditors and have only leftovers for the Lord.


You would like to do more, but you can’t. You feel trapped. You would donate more money or time to your church and family, but the means just aren’t there.


Like many Americans, you are either stuck working all the hours you can just to keep up with your bills, or even find yourself out of work entirely -continuously trying harder, yet falling further behind.

Many Christians today are in the very same situation, you are not alone in the body of Christ.

The Bible instructs us to repay our debts. As believers, we have the greatest example of this in that Christ has repaid a debt we could not repay on our own.

Through His sacrifice, He has forgiven us from all of our sins and remembers them no more. This is the greatest debt repayment plan ever. Your spiritual debt has been repaid and now you seek a solution for your material debt.

That is where Harold Shepley & Associates can be of assistance.

God created us as separate and unique individuals and our financial situations are no different. Harold Shepley & Associates offers many different solutions including Debt Negotiation, Bankruptcy, Mortgage Foreclosure Defense, and Credit Restoration.

We don’t just tell you what to do and expect you to act – we listen compassionately to your concerns and work hand-in-hand with you to build the ideal plan for your unique situation.

The mission of this law firm is to provide quality assistance in eliminating debt and restoring people to financial freedom.

At Harold Shepley & Associates we offer the tools and techniques necessary to accomplish this, as well as a free consultation.

Now is the time for you to make a decision, a decision to serve the Lord in a mighty way, the way that you have wanted to serve for a long time. Christ did not free you from the bondage of sin and guilt just to have you bound by your debt. He wants you to be free to live for Him in all the fullness He has for you.


I know until this point you may have felt isolated and alone – those days are over. When you contact Harold Shepley & Associates, you join a team of people that are committed to your financial success.


As a Christian Lawyer I know the road ahead may not be easy, but rest assured that you have a partner every step of the way.

Our Christian Attorneys are here to help you get out of debt.
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“No one can serve two masters. Either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and Money.”

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