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The path to financial recovery may not be an easy one so you need the right law firm on your side. If you have heard Harold’s story you know that we’ve been in your shoes and we know the stress it has brought to your life. Trust us when we say that we can help.


We pour every bit of effort we have into helping you avoid foreclosure through methods like:

  • Loss mitigation
  • Forbearance – Temporarily allows you to make a lower monthly payment or even no payment for a short period of time. Those payments will usually need to be paid back at a later time.
  • Short sale – working with your lender to sell the home for less than what is owed.
  • Deed in lieu of foreclosure – transferring the title of the property to the lender in exchange for having the mortgage debt forgiven.

Are you eligible for Mortgage Foreclosure Defense?

To be honest, it can be tricky. Whether or not you get loss mitigation approval depends on a number of things, and the bank issuing your mortgage has the final say.
    • Your bank’s mortgage foreclosure decision rests largely on how much money you make.
    • If you earn too much, the bank won’t consider you for an adjustment.
    However, if you don’t earn enough, the bank may decide you are unable to make a lowered payment and push ahead with foreclosure proceedings anyway.

    We are here for you

    If your lender demands evidence of your financial hardship, our attorneys stand behind you every step of the way. We build a compelling case for your genuine need and ability to meet a modified mortgage payment so that you can keep your home.


    A modification is never guaranteed, but we are often successful in getting your lender to:


    •  Lower your interest rate
    •  Restructure the terms of your loan
    •  Move your deficiency balance to the end of the loan


    We will do everything we can to help you find a path out of this situation. Please don’t delay. Contact us today and let us present you with your best options to move forward.

    Have debt problems? We have debt solutions. Act Now!

    If you’re dealing with overwhelming debt and facing foreclosure, loss mitigation is an effective tool to stall or prevent foreclosure proceedings. When enacting loss mitigation as a foreclosure defense, Harold Shepley & Associates works directly with you and your lenders to work out a new agreement for you.

    Part of the qualification for loss mitigation is that you are actually able to pay a new workout and payment and that the residence is your primary home. If you don’t make enough money to meet even a workout payment, the lender will reject your offer – and even worse, if you set yourself up with yet another unattainable payment plan your home can still be foreclosed upon.

    Mortgage foreclosure defense is a complex process, and one that requires an adept attorney like those at Harold Shepley & Associates. There are ways to avoid foreclosure, and we are here to help guide you through them. Call us today at 877-827-9006 or contact us online any time for a free consultation and start your journey to debt freedom today.

    Loss mitigation vs refinancing

    Refinancing, while it can be a good way to get a better rate on your mortgage, it can be difficult to gain approval if you are already behind on your mortgage. You are also less likely to qualify for refinancing if you have existing credit issues.

    Most of our clients are in a position requiring loss mitigation over refinancing. A few other things to consider are:

    • Refinance is permanent; loss mitigation can be temporary.
    • Lenders will almost always charge fees for a refinance while a loss mitigation is frequently free.
    • A refinance is only valid if you are current on your mortgage; late fees and more can be bundled into your modification package if you choose to go that route.

    Pennsylvania law allows foreclosure defense and loss mitigation under certain circumstances. Many people think that when they fall behind on bills for any reason that bankruptcy is their only option.

    We’re here to tell you there is hope. The percentage of loss mitigation requests which are approved annually are actually on the rise. One of the reasons for that statistic is Harold Shepley & Associates. 

    When you have a full service debt relief law firm in your corner, you have the power and leverage to protect your home in ways you never thought possible.

    Special circumstances which allow loss mitigation or litigation

    State law has set forth a number of provisions regarding the way in which creditors must act to protect you from being foreclosed upon unfairly. These include:

    • Predatory or unethical lending practices – If there is something seriously wrong with your mortgage, like unfair interest rates or an uncharacteristically high principle, you may be able to fight foreclosure on the grounds of unconscionable lending practices.
    • Military protection – Lenders are not allowed to foreclose on your home while you are on active duty as a member of the US military. If you are on active duty and facing foreclosure, contact us today for help requesting a postponement of proceedings.
    • Creditors not following procedure – Just like the complex guidelines for filing bankruptcy or attempting to get a loss mitigation, creditors must follow a series of rules and procedures to foreclose on your home. If creditors act outside of the guidelines, their foreclosure actions may not actually be valid.

    You should always have legal representation when considering taking on a lender. Harold Shepley & Associates knows your rights and has the experience and know-how to handle your creditors and help you back on the path to financial Freedom.

    Financial hardship is not something to be ashamed of. In 2019, 752,160 Americans filed for bankruptcy. Our founder, Harold Shepley, even went through the struggle of bankruptcy himself – so you can trust us when we say, “We know how you feel.”

    You can also trust that there is hope for keeping your home and help waiting for you at Harold Shepley & Associates. We employ multiple methods for ceasing or stalling foreclosure proceedings and we help keep you in your home.

    The first step to getting help is asking for it. Call us today, one of our friendly and helpful foreclosure representatives will be happy to listen to your concerns and help you start building a case. Our phone number is 877-827-9006 and we can be reached through our contact form any time.

    Multiple ways to stop foreclosure

    Depending on your situation, we use an array of different foreclosure defense techniques to help you avoid foreclosure.

    • Loss Mitigation – Good for people who may be able to make their

    payments if they were just a little bit lower. Maybe you have hit a rough patch or unexpectedly lost your job and just need a break. We can help lower your monthly payments, reduce your interest rate, or even decrease the principal owed on your loan.

    • Bankruptcy – Nobody wants to declare bankruptcy, and we consider it to

    be a last resort. It can be useful to file, however. When you file bankruptcy, you are granted something called automatic stay. This means that debt collections, foreclosure proceedings, repossessions, and more all must stop immediately. This can grant you valuable time to reorganize and get your finances on track.

    • Short sale / deed in lieu of foreclosure – If there is no feasible way to continue paying your mortgage, we can help you with a short sale of your house or properly surrendering your deed to avoid credit-damaging foreclosure.

    Many people in danger of losing their homes to foreclosure think that their only option is bankruptcy. They’re scared, they don’t want to lose their family home, and they don’t know what to do about it.

    The experienced debt relief attorneys at Harold Shepley & Associates do, however.

    Mortgage foreclosure defense can help.

    Qualifying for loss mitigation

    There are certain criteria you must meet to qualify for loss mitigation assistance. Largely, these criteria are based on income and necessity.

    Contact our experienced mortgage foreclosure defense representatives to discuss your financial situation in detail.

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