Served With a Lawsuit?

Being Sued – What Should You Do?

When the sheriff shows up at your home to serve you with a civil lawsuit, it can be an extremely stressful event. Don’t worry, in cases of a civil lawsuit or other debt related issues, our full service debt relief law firm is ready to stand by your side.

Unlike other debt relief companies, we offer the complete services of an experienced legal practice and we can assist you if you receive a lawsuit in connection with your debt.

  • We negotiate and get the best settlement possible for you on your accounts, and we have the ability to put forth any and all defenses you may have in relation to the claim.
  • We will ensure your creditors provide the information they are required to by law and at the same time buy you time to build funds for a settlement.
  • We have been successful getting cases dismissed which result in no liability on you.

Contact us immediately upon receiving a lawsuit as there are time sensitive deadlines we need to meet to protect your interests. Call 877-827-9006 today. We’re ready to help.

Why did I Receive a Lawsuit on this Account?

We have been working on behalf of people just like you for many years.

Over all that time we have not been able to pinpoint an exact reason why the creditor decided to file suit. Every creditor has different policies on when and if they sue and those policies seem to change from year to year.

There is absolutely no way to predict or explain why your particular creditor has proceeded in the fashion that it has, but rest assured you are in good hands with Harold Shepley and Associates, LLC.

The creditors have thousands of people working for them across the country, you deserve to have us working for you!

More information about debt relief is available on our Debt Negotiation page.

I Received a Lawsuit. Why Should I Defend it?

The decision to defend or not defend is up to you, but without question the best choice is to defend your lawsuit.

  • At Harold Shepley and Associates LLC, our Litigation Department has the experience you need to navigate your lawsuit through the Court System and obtain the best result.
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  • We understand the importance of your situation and we keep the cost at a minimum while obtaining the best possible outcome.
  • If you choose to defend we will work to prevent a legal judgment from being entered against you.

If you choose to not defend, your account will go to a legal judgment unless a response is formally entered with the Court or you appear for your hearing (depending on which Court your suit was filed in).

If your lawsuit goes to a judgment, the creditors have enhanced rights on your account and have the right to move forward on that judgment. That is why you should contact Harold Shepley and Associates, LLC and defend any and all lawsuits you may receive.

here is no reason the stress of a lawsuit should ruin your life. Talk to our debt relief specialists, the consultation is free. Call us today at 877-827-9006 or use our easy-to-complete contact form. Our attorneys will be delighted to speak with you.

What Can a Creditor Do With a Legal Judgment?

As stated above, a creditor has enhanced rights on your account once a judgment is obtained.

  • A creditor, using the Court System, can execute on any judgment they have against you.
  • Typically an execution will result in the creditor finding and placing a “freeze” on your bank account.
  • During this time you may not be able to access your bank account and some of your funds may be garnished.

In addition, any judgment against you will result in a judgment lien against any property you own which will place even more power with the creditor.

At Harold Shepley and Associates, LLC, we understand the needs of our clients and we work to prevent judgments from being entered against you. This is why we highly recommend you defend any and all lawsuits you may receive.

If you currently have a judgment, it is not too late. Contact us and we will provide a comprehensive outlook on your individual situation and help you deal with any debt related issues you may have.

Why Choose Harold Shepley and Associates, LLC?

At Harold Shepley and Associates, LLC, we have over eleven years of experience dealing with the issues you are currently facing.

We are a full service debt relief Law Firm that is client-oriented and will work hard to meet your personal needs in this situation.

Yes, there are other companies out there to help, but we truly believe that there is no other Law Firm that so completely meets the needs of people overwhelmed by debt as we do. Not only will we work towards settling your accounts and saving you money, we will serve your legal needs as it relates to any lawsuit you receive or in any other way in which we can provide the best help possible to you.

Call us today at 877-827-9006, or complete our easy to use contact form. We’re ready to help.

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