Credit Report Errors

How Your Credit Report Affects Your Life

Your credit report has so much more to do with your life now than it used to.  

For good or bad, your credit score can influence the rates of loans you are offered, security clearances, job applications, and even the cost of car insurance.  It’s more important than ever to keep an eye on your credit report for:

  • Inaccurate information
  • Obsolete information
  • Outdated information
  • Unverifiable information

According to the FACT ACT you are entitled to a free credit report once every 12 months.  You can order your report via phone, mail, or online by simply going to Annual Credit

Fixing Credit Report Errors

Once you receive your credit report, look it over carefully for mistakes and file a dispute if you find incorrect information.  The agencies will provide the information you need to file a dispute based on how you got your report.  You can dispute it online, or if you ordered it via mail or phone, they will send a dispute form along with your credit report.

You can also hire a professional company to do it for you; just be sure any firm you hire adheres to Credit Repair Organization Act before you start any kind of credit restoration. 

Time to improve your credit!

Remember – credit agencies are private companies and not government entities as many presume.  The agencies make their money buying and selling your information.  The information they get is provided to them via:

  • Creditors
  • Loans you have obtained
  • Public records
  • Credit applications you have filled out

There have been numerous news articles about the high percentage of Americans that have legitimate errors on their reports, and those numbers are alarming.  It would be most wise to take the time to order your report – or at least sign up for one of the several free monitoring services that are available online, like Credit Karma.

Monitoring your credit report, keeping it accurate, and working to build a good credit score can help you succeed in life. Start by getting your credit report and follow up if you see any problems. Do it today!

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